Decrypting Cryptocurrency Accounting

We are building next generation accounting tools for crypto-enabled businesses. Save time accounting for your company’s cryptocurrencies.

No more messy spreadsheets.

Our Product

Don’t let your company’s accounting be a source of stress. We automate, standardize, and parse your company’s transactions so you can focus on running your business.

VeriLedger simplifies cryptocurrency accounting


Powerful B2B tools without burdensome complexity

VeriLedger tools intergrate with your existing systems


Consolidated cash and crypto to see the full picture of your portfolio.

VeriLedger provides insightful data


Robust data analysis to see all angles of your company’s portfolio


Our team of CryptoKeepers will help reconcile your books on a regular basis, produce quarterly financial statements, and additional reports as you see fit.

If your business would like assistance with bookkeeping, please contact us.

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